Our tiny living adventure was born and manifested by connecting with Byron at Simblissity. Upon meeting he and his wife Dot, we were clear that going tiny would be a fun adventure starting with the building process. Through the discussions, decisions and ultimate creation, Byron and Dot were our partners and so helpful to make our ideas and dreams reality.

The quality of our finished tiny is outstanding, thanks to the entire crew at Simblissity bringing to life all we could imagine. And they were with us each step by step along the way. Now we have a completely customized, easily livable and beautiful tiny home to live our new simple life. We enjoy sharing the creation with others as all are welcome, Namaste!!

Thank you Byron, Dot and the Simblissity family!

– Heather and Ravi

A year after I purchased a few acres of remote land in the Colorado Rockies, I started talking to several tiny home builders and floated my design for a wilderness writing retreat. Nobody took me or my design seriously except for Byron Fears. Our resulting collaboration gave birth to the Stone Cottage. Byron and Dot worked with me to get my retreat built just the way I wanted it, and provided their own experienced counsel on materials and finishes.

They introduced me to a master cabinet maker who crafted the headboard, cabinets, fireplace surround, and a folding table. Byron himself installed the faux stone siding so he could control the finished quality. He arranged for professional delivery of the Stone Cottage to my hidden off-the-grid location, leveled it, skirted it, and built the entry stairs on-site.

If you have a project in mind, Byron and Dot can help you bring it to life just the way you imagine it can be.

– Michael Phillips

“Excellent product, smooth process, and great people. The SimBLISSity team did an amazing job of bringing our vision to life!”

– Eric & Kari Holman

Byron and Dot are some of the most fun, creative, funny, and caring people I’ve ever had the chance to work with, and it comes out in their tiny homes. They built a tiny for me and my boyfriend a couple years ago, and put so much love and care into the whole process. We love our tiny, and we cherish the memories of working with them and SimBLISSity to make our tiny dream home. I would recommend them to anyone who wants a tiny home full of good vibes and love.

– Danit Y.

It was so easy! SimBLISSity Tiny Homes made my DIY tiny house dreams come true. Dot and Byron made the build experience a delight and personalized the plans to fit MY vision and MY needs!! I would do it all over again!

Thank you, SimBLISSity!!

– Deb.