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SimBLISSity 39’ My Sport Fort

SimBLISSity 39’ My Sport Fort

My Sport Fort was a highly specialized custom mobile business built on a 32’ Gooseneck trailer with a 7’ upper deck extension.  Designed to be a children’s multi-media sports activity center, it was a collaboration between SimBLISSity, sign-makers, sound system designers, painters, and its creative director.  Since it is a prototype, and many details needed to be discovered along the way, it was a journey of trial and error to complete the final product which is a shining success.

SimBLISSity is always willing to work hand in hand with our clients to fulfill and manifest their dreams.

Length:  32’ + 7’ gooseneck

Width:  8’

Square footage:  312

Gooseneck:  Multi-media center, sports equipment storage

Heat:  Carrier 12,000 BTU mini split system

Power:  Dual propane-fueled 2500 watt generators

Entry:  Custom-built steel ramp

Flooring:  Basketball court hardwood and AstroTurf

Insulation:  R-24 – 28, Anti-Microbial, sprayed-in, closed-cell Foam

Frame:  Wood 2 x 4

Siding:  Cedar tongue and groove, Metal Pro-panel II

Roof:  Metal Pro-panel II

Trailer:  Trailer Made Tiny Home Foundation, 3 7K capacity Axles

Warranty:  2-10 Structural Warranty, 10 Year structural warranty

39′ x 8′ x 13′ 6″ – 312 sqft

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