Our Tiny Homes have been filmed numerous times by Tiny House Hunters and every episode has featured three to nine photographs of our homes.  Our exceptional 35’ Valhalla gooseneck will air on a new episode soon!


Our SimBLISSity Aspen 24’ 2016 Model is our most popular design.  We have built this many times over with many customized features varying for each client.


  • Your custom SimBLISSity 2018 Aspen 24′ is built to provide comfort with 260 square feet of deluxe living, 180 sq. ft. on the main floor and an 80 sq. ft. sleeping loft.
  • The large, bright, comfortable living room has high a Cathedral ceiling and a cushy, romantic built-in sofa, with storage below. (No reason to be uncomfortable in a Tiny!)
  • For the gourmet chef there is a 9′ Butcher Block kitchen counter, your choice of ranges or cook tops, space for a large, apartment-size refrigerator, a large pantry and lots of cabinet space.  Optional Dual Fuel (110 & Liquid Propane-LP) refrigerator can be installed.
  • The bathroom can be customized to have a bathtub and shower, a shower only, a vanity and sink, as well as a quality self-composting toilet (a flushing toilet can be installed by special request or later if desired).
  • Hot water is provided by an On Demand, propane Water Heater.  Electric water heaters require a tank and may be installed by special request.
  • The spacious, bright sleeping loft is 8 X 10′ and provides 48″ of head room at the ridge beam and over 38” on the sides.  This is one of the largest lofts of any Tiny being built.  The loft can be extended to an 8 X 12’ with minor conversions.
  • Stairways lead to the sleeping loft (no ladders here!) Storage nooks are built into the stairway.
  • Next to the stairs is a Double Closet to accommodate your clothing or storage needs.
  • Interior walls are sprayed with closed-cell, antimicrobial foam for the ultimate in insulation, with a minimum of a 24 R factor. The high-altitude formula insures 98% closed cells, guaranteed no off-gassing for 99 years.
  • A variety of heating options may be used. A Mini-Split provides heating and air conditioning, a thermostatically controlled propane Fireplace for a romantic atmosphere, or a variety of other heating devices.
  • Cork flooring helps to provide warmth and comfort is often used.  Harwood or vinyl flooring are additional options.
  • The custom built “Movable Foundation” is fabricated by TrailerMade, the leader in Tiny Home trailers.  The trailer provides custom framing designed to be used as the sub floor framing for the floor.  The trailer is sprayed with Closed Cell Foam that is up to 5” thick providing greater than 34 R factor of insulation.  This design provides an extra 4” of interior headroom.
  • SimBLISSity’s “Two Bicycle Garages” are built on the rear of most of our Tinys. These provide room for storage of up to two bicycles, or skis, snowboards, backpacks, snow shoes and all the gear and “toys” that nurture your Body, Mind and Soul. At SimBLISSity we believe “You Don’t need to live like a Monk to live in a Tiny.”  We strive to provide space to store all the necessary items to promote a Happy and Healthy Lifestyle.


This is fine, luxurious Tiny Home living at it’s best! SimBLISSity custom built homes are ready for active people living and adventuring in a Four Seasons environment. All of this and more offered at the reasonable starting price of only $65,000 for a spectacularly completed 24’ model.
All of this and more offered at the reasonable starting price of only $65,000 for a spectacularly completed 24’ model.