At SimBLISSity Tiny Homes, we build custom homes to fit your style, needs and eccentric nature. When you choose us to build your home, we want to spend time getting to know you, understanding how your home needs to be designed to fit your lifestyle. We sit down together to find out who you are, your career, your hobbies, your budget; what features your home should contain to assure your happiness and success in living your Tiny Dream.

A large home has room enough to fit the needs of different types of people. But a Tiny Home needs to be more specific to accommodate YOUR individual taste and “must haves.” We want you to be satisfied in and nurtured by your home.

At SimBLISSity we want to design your home WITH you, to help you with all the many decisions you will face. We have the experience and knowledge to be a voice of reason and know what designs will work and what may be impractical and explain why.

We understand that going Tiny is no Tiny matter. There are so many details to consider in design, materials, appliances, storage, maintenance, and so much more. This is where we can assist you, whether we are building your home for you, or you wish to consult with us on your design, plans, or your intended build. To help make this process a bit smoother, we have a Questionnaire that outlines the many considerations involved in planning a Tiny Home.

If you would like to get started with SimBLISSity Tiny Homes, click here to access the Questionnaire. Then send it back to us and call or email to make an appointment to meet with us.

Your home reflects who you are. We want that reflection to shine!

Remember, “Not all Tinys are created equal!” Contact us to find out what makes us shine!